Small Business Owners Need To Start Thinking About SEO


Last week, an article published on stated that small businesses aren’t using SEO tactics like larger corporations are using the web marketing strategy. Citing a recent survey by the Small Business Authority, less than 50% of small businesses in the U.S. think inbound traffic from search engines are an important source of future business. The same survey also states that only 17% of small business owners are actively investing in SEO.

There are a few reasons listed as to why small businesses aren’t investing in this digital marketing strategy. For one, it does take time and patience to learn enough about SEO to understand how to make it work for a business and to be able to monitor and understand results. As stated in the Forbes article, many small business owners have a lot of day to day tasks that they need to complete, so starting from scratch for SEO may feel like too big of a burden. Also, since traditional advertising often reaps the results that small businesses are looking for, many are not taking the time to invest in SEO strategies to improve the digital side of their business.

Some small business owners may also have the preconceived notion that they can’t afford an SEO program or that companies promising high SEO rankings are spammers. When SEO was first on the scene, there were a lot of SEO companies that would pull spamming and scamming tricks to ensure their clients received a high SEO ranking, even if it ended up harming their client’s online reputation in the long run. Times have since changed, and many SEO companies, like Cornerstone, are Qualified Google Advertising companies. This means that SEO tactics used for clients play by the SEO rules – they are creative, organic, and monitored by algorithms to be targeted and effective.

To a certain extent, SEO does take some time and money to be effective. However, the benefit is being able to reach a new, expansive audience, expand your business, and increase profits. Digital marketing is still relatively new, but it does provide results. 72% of business owners who used an SEO strategy felt that it improved their web marketing and visibility. By using a reputable and professional company, small business owners and corporations alike can both reap the benefits of SEO and ensure that they stay relevant in an ever-changing digital marketing world.

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