Impress Your Party Guests With Intel Smart Wireless Charging Bowl

We first got a look at Intel’s Smart Wireless Charging Bowl at CES 2014. Then it was merely a concept, but continued interest has pushed the company to take this product from concept to reality, and it should all happen in time for the 2014 holiday season. The news comes straight from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich himself. He made the announcement at a press conference on September 19th.

The Wireless Charging Bowl came from the idea of a bowl that you might put by the door to hold things like your keys and coins. This bowl can charge your wireless devices though. Throw in things like your smartphone and your wireless headphones when you come in the door, and when you have to leave again, you can pick up your fully charged devices as you head out.

Apparently the very first Wireless Charging Bowl prototype was made from a chips bowl that engineers picked up from Wal-Mart. The product has come a long way since then and is poised to be on shelves in time for you to give it as a gift to someone special, or maybe just to yourself.

There is yet to be an exact release date or price announced.

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