IKEA placemat

IKEA Placemat Helps You Avoid Your Phone During Dinner

IKEA placemat
IKEA placemat hopes to help you disconnect from your phone during dinner.

IKEA has come out with a new solution for that family member(s) who just will not put down their phone(s) during dinner. The solution is part of the company’s SITTNING limited edition collection of dinnerware, which includes a placemat that has a dedicated pocket for hiding away your smartphone during meals.

The placemat is called “logged out”, despite the fact that the phone does not actually log you out. All the placemat does is hide your device and hopefully prevent you from checking it every few seconds like an addicted addict. Unfortunately, the designers made the placemat’s fabric pocket thin enough that you can still see your phone light up, so will it really have that much of an impact?

Regardless of whether it works or not, IKEA is attempting to highlight a growing problem with today’s society: we need to stop being on our phones all the time and actually have a normal conversation once in a while. The pathetic part about this whole product is that certain individuals are so reliant on their phones, that they do not have enough restraint to actually put their phone down during a meal. The problem will only continue to get worse as the feeling of being constantly connected places a greater stronghold on our lives.

This product should come as a wake up call to everyone: put your phone away for a while and actually enjoy the company of the people you are with. Time with your friends and family is precious and this placemat hopes to remind us all of this. I promise you that the sun will still rise tomorrow if you do not instantly check that email, read that text message or constantly refresh your Instagram feed.

SITTNING placemat aims to help you let go of the constant checking of social media updates.

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