Google’s Latest Feature Can Write Emails For You

google inbox

We’ve all been there: having your inbox flooded with too many emails, and wishing someone would just be able to reply to all of them for us.

Not surprisingly, Google has anticipated this need, and created a new feature for your Inbox that will produce artificially intelligent responses to your emails.

Part of Google’s ongoing updates to their Inbox app, this new specific feature is another example of Google’s continued efforts to have their technology perform tasks that humans normally would. Here, Google’s feature will be able to sort out which of your emails can receive a brief response, and which cannot. Once this filtering is complete, the technology will be able to create an appropriately-worded email that can be sent in response. Right now, Google will offer up to three different replies that a user can send. Once enough data is collected, Google will begin to optimize which of the responses are most often selected and use this to improve the feature for the future.

This type of “smart reply” feature is expected to be most popular amongst busy, on-the-go e-mail users who typically reply on smartphones — catering to much of the urban, working population.

Anyone who uses the free version of Google’s Inbox can access this reply feature, as well as all of the businesses who pay to use Google’s applications at work.

Google has designed many other types of machines that perform work that is normally performed by a human. For example, Google has spent six years testing and honing the design of their driverless cars, whose safety on today’s aggressive roadways continues to be hotly debated. In addition, Google’s program “RankBrain” helps categorize the influence of it’s search results.

All of these projects prove that Google’s reputation as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies is both well deserved and maintained.

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