Google To Unveil AdWords Redesign This Month

For businesses around the world, Google AdWords is a major marketing tool, offering a means for search engine users to find a company’s website before the competition. At a price, of course.

But while advertisers compete for their ad copies to be seen by search engine users, with results based on cookies and keywords, Google AdWords remains invaluable for both fledgling and well-established businesses when it comes to SEO and digital advertising strategies.

The online advertising service is getting an upgrade, however, one that aims to benefit all of its users. Announced during Google’s annual Performance Summit, an AdWords redesign is on its way, with a live demo scheduled for May 24th.

Redesigned with the “mobile-first marketer” in mind, the new AdWords is all about an easier user-interface. Rather than the service be tailored solely for computer-users, the facelift aims to increase interface accessibility no matter what device you’re using, from tablets to smartphones.

While not much is known regarding how the AdWords change-up will truly alter the user experience, preliminary images provide some clues. Released by Google, the image below showcases what the new AdWords interface will look like. One apparent improvement is the information provided to users in an easy-to-understand way, as the chart within the image showcases the exact time in a day ads receive clicks and when ads are scheduled.

Redesigned AdWordsPhoto credit –

The added insight into AdWords will no doubt provide users with a better understanding on when their campaigns are most effective, down to the hour and day. With that information, business’ can better allocate funds towards ad campaigns during specific periods of time, times when they know users are more likely to click on their ad.

Other tools will no doubt be unveiled by Google during the Google Performance Summit live stream on on May 24th at 9:00am Pacific Time (12:00pm Eastern Time). For more details, and to sign up for the live stream, head here.

Featured image courtesy of: WDnet

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