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Facebook’s Notify Aims to Keep Users in the Loop

Notify FacebookFor many people, Facebook represents not only their most popular form of social media, but one of their most oft-visited sites. Today, Facebook is more than just a place to craft and showcase your personal identity — all sorts of organizations are realizing the importance of developing their own social media presence too. What first began as a place to check in with friends and share updates about your own life has evolved into a global networking phenomenon.

This is why it comes as no surprise that Facebook has introduced their new app, Notify. Now available in the US App Store for iPhones, Notify will bring users notifications from different sources of their choosing.

Notify offers different “stations” that appeal to users’ varied personal interests. For example, those interested in keeping up-to-date with current events can be notified by Breaking News from CNN and Top Stories from Fox News, which will bring each day’s headlines to their attention. Similarly, those interested in the latest sports games can turn to The Final Scores station from FOX Sports, which will offer end-of-game summaries for different teams. In addition, the ultimate fashion authority, Vogue, will offer the 10 Best Dressed station, which breaks down the week’s best-dressed celebrities. And if you’re looking for something as simple as the weather, The Weather Channel’s Daily AM Forescast station can tell you your local weather forecast.

These are just some of the sources that Notify has at the moment — they will undoubtedly add more as the app gains traction and popularity.

Users can create their own personal feed of notifications based on the sorts of channels that appeal to them. Notify will also suggest stations for users based on their Facebook profile. The app will deliver notifications to users’ screens so they can remain updated throughout the day. Notifications can be opened into larger links, which will display, articles, videos, or whatever type of content the channel has prepared to go with their update. You can also swipe notifications to add them to your “Saved Notifications,” which allows you to look at notifications later on, or save them to send to friends. A feed – similar to Facebook’s News Feed – shows users all of their notifications from the last 24 hours.

What do you think of the new app Notify? Are you hoping it will be made available in Canada soon? Sound off in the comments below.


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