Facebook Has A New Legacy Contact Feature


When people write out their wills, I doubt there’s much thought given to who’s going to deal with your social media accounts. I’d assume they just become inactive and gradually fade away into the vast ether of the Internet. Facebook’s policy was to freeze the deceased’s account (or “memorialize” as they put it) upon valid reports from friends of that person. Now they’ve opened things up a bit, based on pleas from people who have lost love ones and want to be able to access certain things on that person’s account.

Through the security settings options, you can now designate a Facebook legacy contact on your page, which is one Facebook friend of yours who will be able to get access to the profile if you die. They won’t have access to everything, mind you, so any private messages that you don’t want the world to know about will still be safely locked away, and they also can’t change anything that was previously posted or delete the account. What your legacy contact will be able to do is write memorial posts for the page and change profile pictures.

Apparently, they’ll also be able to still accept friend requests on the profile’s behalf because even posthumously, social media popularity is paramount.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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