Duo Gives Daft Punk’s Helmets A Technological Upgrade


Does anyone really know what the members of Daft Punk look like? The electronic group has masked their identities with iconic robot helmets in concerts and promotional materials since the late 1990’s. While the band has updated their helmets every few years, two fans have taken the design to the next level.

LoveProps, a prop-making duo, recently posted a video online showcasing their updated model based on Daft Punk member Guy-Manuel’s headdress. The new helmet takes design elements from the band’s Discovery album and current Random Access Memories album styling, but improves upon them.

The main portion of the helmet, the LED display, and the ssers connect the helmet to a computer via USB that allow you to compose new LED animations in any music or midi production software. This innovative aspect allows the colour, brightness, and timing of the LED animation to be changed without any coding as well. It also gives the wearer the ability to create totally unique animations.

The helmet also has a beat detection algorithm. The algorithm determines the tempo of the incoming music and modifies the LED animation being displayed. The helmet itself is gold-plated, made of customizable PCB electronics, has WiFi capability and motion audio interaction, and 210 RGB LEDs.

LoveProps describe the helmet as “a light instrument designed for composing and generating music for the eyes housed on a one-of-a kind redesigned Guy-Man helmet”. The creators worked every day for over a year to create their completed model. Their site states that “finishing the unit with the desired quality was a huge odyssey. A handmade sculpting model, primed cast, great attention to the detail, perfect scale and custom electronics, codes and libraries, make this unit more than a helmet”.

Visit the LoveProps website to read about the creative process and to learn more about the hardware, electronics, and software the make up this stunning helmet. To see the helmet in all its glory, click here to watch the YouTube video demonstration.

Story source: Entertainment Weekly, YourEDM, LoveProps

Featured image source: Pitchfork

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