Chilly Winnipeg Hosts Warming Hut Design Competition


Winnipeg, Manitoba is one of the colder cities on Earth, but that doesn’t stop residents from getting outdoors to enjoy the winter months. The Red River freezes over and becomes the “world’s longest skating rink” for the winter months providing residents and visitors four miles of ice to skate on. Curling, hockey and broom ball are all played atop the massive skating rink, but with temperatures averaging around -10°C as the high for the winter months, warming huts are needed to give people a break from the cold.

Winnipeg plays host to a warming hut design competition each year. Winning designs are built along the Red River, and while some of the huts are simply to warm up, others provide services, like a restaurant. This year’s winning designs come mostly from Canada, but some of the winners come from as far away as Mexico, and another comes from much warmer Mexico.

Check out pictures of the winning warming hut designs below, and if you get the chance, go to see them in person in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The winning designs will be constructed in January during the statistically coldest week of the year. That’s right, Canadians know how to do winter.

Source: Warming Huts


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