Chase Bank Customers Could Use Hand Scanning ATM Machines in the Future


These Chase Bank hand scanning ATMs seem like something that you would see on Star Trek, but they are just around the corner for Chase Bank customers. The new ATMs are being called banking kiosks, and they will offer all the features of an ATM, plus some new ones.

Chase Bank is preparing biometric scanning devices so that only your hand can access your bank account. The new security technology could be the end of those pesky PIN numbers forever. These high-tech banking kiosks will also feature an app that could allow you to withdraw money remotely and and have it ready to pick up from the bank with just a scan of your hand. With 1,000 kiosks already operating in the United States, and 6,00 more planned, these banking kiosks could be just around the corner for all of us.

I can’t help but feel a little weary at handing over my hand print to the bank though. With all the cyber spying going on these days, something that seems like it is meant to make us more safe may ultimately end up being our biggest weakness.


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