Canon’s EOS Cameras Lead The Charge For High-Quality Photography


In Ancient Greek mythology, Eos is the Titan goddess of dawn. It’s fitting then that Canon chose to co-opt the name for their benchmark line of cameras. Originally introduced back in the 1980s, when cameras were still shooting on 35mm film, the Canon EOS line has improved over the decades to become the top option for amateur and professional photographers alike.

Nowhere is this more exemplified than in the EOS 70D camera. The folks at Canon continually refer to it as a game-changer and they’re not lying. It utilizes Canon’s very own Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, which is a high-performance Auto Focus system that allows for immediate accurate focusing when taking still shots and smooth focus tracking during video. Now, no matter how fast the action is that you’re trying to capture, you’ll automatically get the sharpest focus without having to stress. Further to this, the CMOS AF is compatible with 103° Canon EF lenses, so that you can creatively experiment in all sorts of different ways. All in all, it takes the standard function of Live View (where you can see how your picture will look on the camera’s LCD screen before you take it) to a whole new level.

If you’re more of a beginner photographer and want something a little more manageable, the Rebel series line is always a good place to start, particularly the EOS Rebel T6i. It has a high-quality Auto Focus system of its own, utilizing a 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, which is easy to use and keeps your images crisp. It’s also got a nifty Scene Analysis system that automatically adjusts the settings to coincide with whatever kind of scene you’re trying to capture. For novice users, the T6i will blow your socks off, allowing you to concentrate on finding your vision as a photographer while the camera automatically takes care of some of the tricky steps.

As a bonus, both of these cameras are on sale right now as part of Canon’s Best in Glass sale, so if you were thinking about picking one of these bad boys up, now’s the time to click on over to their e-Store.

Source: Canon

Featured image source: Videomaker

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