American Navy Tests Missiles Off The California Coast

Los Angeles is a big, busy city, which explains why most people who live there don’t realize that just off the coast, military testing is taking place all the time. This weekend was a special example of that. The U.S. navy tested submarine-launched ballistic missiles, sending them down in to the South Pacific.

On Saturday night, a Trident D5 launch took place off the coast of Southern California, and although there is no official video of the event, it likely looked something like the below.

Following the launch on Saturday, there was a swirling trail left behind in the evening sky, which is a common occurrence after a missile launch.
Because of these launches, there were special warnings issued regarding noise due to the re-routing of planes to and from LAX that could last for a few more days. Even though that might be annoying, it resulted in a lot of unbelievable photos and videos, like this amazing time lapse from a photographer not in Los Angeles, but in San Francisco.
That shot was by chance, too. Justin Majeczky looking to capturing some nighttime time lapse photography of falling meteors on Slacker Hill above the Golden Gate Bridge and instead caught the missile during its initial boost phase. Now we can all watch its stunning ascend over the horizon with an incredible view of San Francisco and its famous bridge in the background.
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