5 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Beginners To Learn

SEO For Beginners

It’s official – Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the most important skill to master if you want any kind of online success. The Internet is a vast landscape that only expands by the minute, so if you can’t be found fairly easily, chances are you’ll disappear into the void.

If you run a small business and aren’t that well versed in SEO tactics, this race to stand out online can seem daunting. There are certainly digital marketing firms that can be hired to help out, but this can end up being a cold and impersonal route to take, not to mention the significant cost associated with it.

Do not despair – here are five simple steps that you can take right away to point your SEO in the right direction. Once you get these under control, you’ll have a basic understanding that you can expand on.

Site Audit

This is an assessment of how good your site is currently from a Search Engine Optimization perspective. Once you perform this, you can see what areas need improvement and concentrate on those. This is also where you can make sure that your site has all the base technical requirements needed for SEO and then you can go from there.

Internal And External Links

To help get your website noticed, it helps to be mentioned and linked to on other websites. Thankfully, you can scroll on over to Help a Reporter Out, a site that allows for the opportunity to appear on several other reputable outlets. The internet is one big network and you need to be part of it.

Video And Social Media

Social media can honestly be more important than a website these days, as it’s where a vast number of people get their information or discover new things. Make sure your social media pages are active and that you’re posting relevant and shareable things, like videos, on a frequent basis.

Mobile Optimization

You know those things that everyone walks around staring at these days? Well, those are smartphones and you better be sure that your site is optimized for them. More people use the internet on their phones than ever before and that number is certainly not going down.

Local Search

List your business on online business directories so that it’s clear where you’re located. It’s important for search engines to clearly see where it is that you are so they can direct you to potential customers who are also in the same area.

Unfortunately, Search Engine Optimization is a constantly shifting series of algorithms that take a good amount of work to stay on top of, but as long as you have some basics, your website has a strong chance of attracting users.

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