This Is The World’s First Fully Reversible Micro USB Cable

Raise your hand if this happens to you all the time, if not every day: You reach for your micro USB cable, looking to plug in your phone (or other device) to charge or connect to your computer, and try to get it into the USB port.

Except, the USB jams, with the plug not fitting into the port. You stare at your USB cord, more annoyed than perplexed as you realize you just had the plug upside down. So you turn the USB plug around and get the cable to fuller serve its purpose, but not without a few seconds of wasted time and frustration.

To the casual observer, this story may seem a tad dramatic. One only loses a total of three seconds in time after realizing they have their USB cable upside down. But folks who have been there and have had to deal with the relatively minor annoyance multiple times in a day, know that this short moment can instantly fill you with anger.

Apple product users probably don’t even know that “plugging in your USB cable the wrong way” is even a thing, since Apple’s Lightning and recently released USB Type-C cords are entirely reversible and can be plugged in any way. Lucky them, because everyone with a Android phone or PC can’t enjoy the luxury of a reversible USB cord.

That is, until now.

Why it has taken so long for a fully reversible micro USB cable to be developed is beyond me, but lets all thank our lucky stars that the MicFlip (what this product is cleverly called) is finally here. No longer will we have to deal with a jammed USB cord, because the MicFlip can be plugged in right-side up or upside down.

A full 6.5 feet in length, the MicFlip is able to reach across a room, and the braided nylon the cable is made of ensures no tearing or tangling will occur. Adding to the appeal of the MicFlip is the gold-coated tips which will resist corrosion, rubber-protected plugs, and an aluminum housing that makes the cord quite durable.

As great as all that sounds, though, the reversible micro USB and reversible Type-A standard USB are the selling points, since there’s literally no other USB cord on the market that offers such functionality.

Priced at $19.99, the MicFlip is the perfect product for Android owners or anyone with a non-Apple computer. Sure, the tech world will eventually make its way into only using USB Type-C, but in the interim, enjoy the pleasure of never plugging in your USB cord the wrong way.

For more on the MicFlip, check out the trailer below and head to the official website here.

Featured image courtesy of: pagefact

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