Understanding SEO Keywords

SEO keywords

SEO keywords are the backbone of all your search engine optimization efforts. They are the most likely words someone will type in when they have questions that hopefully your content can help them answer. Keywords that work show that you and your readers or customers are aligned. Aside from relating to your users, SEO keywords can also help you outshine the competition, and push you up in Google’s search results.

The three biggest mistakes people make when choosing their SEO keywords are only researching keywords once, not updating or expanding your list of valuable keywords, and using keywords that are far too popular.

If you’re keeping a list of SEO keywords, the most important thing to do is keep updating that list. Keywords get old fast, and if a keyword starts to get overused, your content could get buried. You also need to keep your keywords diverse to help you stand out from the crowd. Find out who else is using the same keywords as you, and then find ways to differentiate yourself from that content creator.

Once you’ve figured out what keywords are best for you, your brand and your content, the next step is incorporating them into your content where relevant. There are several high-attention areas in which placing your keyword can help to maximize your SEO. They are the title of your page, within your URL, throughout the page’s copy, meta tags, meta description, image file paths and the anchor text. If you can add your SEO keywords into each of these elements, that will definitely help to boost your organic search ranking.

Another great idea is to group your keywords for different content on your website. If you have different categories of products you want people to be able to easily search for and find, assign all the related pages the same keyword. That way, when a user types that keyword into your search bar, they will conveniently receive all of the related content.

Paying close attention to your SEO keywords is a really invaluable step in the process of creating a successful website, and paying attention to all the aforementioned advice should help you stay competitive and keep inviting the right people to visit your website.

Article source: wordstream.com

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