Touchscreen Coffee Tables to be Hub of Connected Home


In our age of rapidly developing technology one trend that is predicted is the advent of the connected home. This refers to a home where everything from your fridge to your coffee table is connected through the internet. This future is not far off. Ideum’s Platform 46 and Platform 32 Multitouch coffee tables are touchscreen coffee tables that can act as the hub of a connected home.

Each table has a 60 touch point screen, integrated Intel Quad Core i7 Processor, and aluminum base. They also come with Windows 8 and Android systems installed on them. Users can switch between the two operating systems, which can be run simultaneously. Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities are also included in the models.

These touchscreen coffee tables are not only for use at home though. The developer made them “vandal proof” so that they can be used in busy public spaces as well, like museums, parks, stores and schools. The use of these devices is only limited by the creativity of app developers.

The Platform 46 and Platform 32 coffee tables can be bought or rented, and come with a two year warranty.

(Sources: Ideum & Youtube)

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