Touch Screen Reaches A Whole New Level With HandyCase


Touch screens have made technology incredibly easy to navigate, first with smartphones and now with the vast array of tablets on the market. If you have an iPad, though, touch screen technology is about to get even more user-friendly. A new accessory called the HandyCase will soon be here to make your tablet browsing easier than you could have ever imagined.

Currently in development from the smart minds at Handscape, the HandyCase looks just like a lot of other cases or covers for your iPad, with one crucial difference – it allows you to navigate with your fingers from behind the tablet. The case fits on tightly to the back of your iPad and essentially allows it to feel your hands from behind. With ten separate sensors, you can have both hands gripping at once while you control with any of your fingers.

This means you’ll never again have to block the screen while browsing. And while you can navigate from behind invisibly, you can also set it so you can see a replication of your fingers on the screen if you want an even more hands-on touch (pun intended).

The HandyCase is also going to be available for the iPhone 6/6+, so smartphone users won’t be left out. You will be left out, however, if you don’t use Apple products. But if this thing becomes as big as I think it may be, I’m sure something will be developed for Android devices and others.

Kickstarter funding is underway right now and it’s already taking off fast. If you donate, you’ll put yourself in line to get one as soon as they come out, which is projected for April of next year.

Source: Gizmag

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