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The Best Tech Buys With Texture

tech buys

Boxing Day sales are on, and that means tech buys abound. It can be hard to figure out what products are worth it, though. Some deals seem too good to be true, and that’s because they are. Or some brands might be coming out with a far superior upgraded model in the new year that you should probably wait for. No matter what tech product you’re in the market for, Texture‘s roster of science and tech digital magazines can help you distill all the info and find exactly what works for you. Best of all: Texture has as 30-day free trial, so you can give it a solid test drive, risk-free.

Popular Mechanics

The winter issue of Popular Mechanics is all about a year-in-review style rundown of 2016’s best gadgets. Instead of just listing the most popular tech buys of the year, Popular Mechanics categorizes them as either stupid or amazing. Very to the point. Their team reviews things like ride-on luggage and 3-D printed food so you don’t have to. And for something a little more dangerous: they scaled buildings, walls and boats using spider-man grips. They’ll help you figure out what to spend your money on in the new year, and what you maybe shouldn’t have spent on this past year. Bought a drone and broke it? PM can help you with that, too.

PC Magazine

At the end of every year, PC Magazine does a huge review of all the products that debuted over the year. This year, they tested 2,500 products and boiled it down to 100 they think are real winners. From printers to smart home monitoring to gaming, you’ll get expert advice on the goods 2016 produced. With any luck, some of them will be on sale, too.

Sound & Vision

Always a leader in the best audio and visual equipment, Sound & Vision has a huge rundown on LCD TVs, including shopping tips and a range of prices. If you’re looking for a surround sound processor, Sound & Vision can help you prioritize your needs and land on the machine that fits them perfectly. They’ve also identified what they think is the best smart home monitoring system of the year, and done a deep dive on what it can do.

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