Stay Toasty With This USB Powered Evolve Hoodie


If you find that regular jackets and hoodies just aren’t cutting it when it comes to staying warm through Toronto winters, this new invention may be for you. Venture Heat has created a hoodie with heating panels to keep wearers warm through cold weather without having to pile on layers.

The Evolve heated hoodie has chest and back heat panels that are powered through a 2.1 Amp or higher USB power bank. When activated, the panels keep your entire core warm. The panels are made from a flexible, thin, and breathable mesh layer to make the heat transfer more powerful and efficient. Additionally, the Evolve hoodie has a soft and plush fleece lining to maximize your body’s own natural heating abilities.

The hoodie also comes with waterproof interior pockets, an earphone harness, and a power bank pocket where you can keep the USB port that activates the hoodie’s heating panels. Having the power bank handy allows you to charge any other wireless devices you have with you. Just remove the power bank before washing for quick, safe, and easy clean up.

Venture Heat currently has an Indigogo campaign to help bring the hoodie to market. For $89 USD, you can get an Evolve hoodie in the colour and size of our choice. For $139 USD, you can get a hoodie and USB power bank. The product ships to both Canada and the United States and has an estimated delivery date of December 2015 – just in time for Christmas!

Take a look at the Indiegogo page to make a pledge or visit the Venture Heat website to take a look at their other heating products.

Featured image source: Evolve Hoodie Indiegogo Campaign

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