Stanford Could Have the Answer to Chronically Dry Eyes

Sitting in front of a computer all day, along with the lack of moisture in winter air, means that you might be suffering from dry eyes. But, if your lacrimal glands in your tear ducts aren’t producing enough moisture, you might be suffering from dry eyes year round.

Eye drops are only a quick fix, so scientists at Stanford created the Oculeve, a tiny implant that stimulates lacrimal glands, causing them to produce more tears.

While this invention doesn’t provide a permanent solution, it is still better than eye drops. The Oculeve provides on-demand relief by producing real tears, which are made up of oil, water, protein and mucus, which are much better lubrication than tear-mimicking eye drops.

The implant doesn’t actually go in the eye, either. It is injected either below the eyebrow, or in the nasal cavity, and it is powered using wireless induction charging. All the patient using an Oculeve has to do is push a button, and they’ll get relief.

The Oculeve is currently being tested in Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, and if those tests go well, it will soon be available all over the world.

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