Smart Oven Uses Image Recognition to Cook Perfect Meals


Everyone knows that one coworker, friend or family member who just can’t seem to figure out the art of cooking; well, there may be hope for them after all.

A new startup in San Francisco has created a new “intelligent” oven that is able to recognize the food you are trying to make and cook it perfectly every time. The device is known as the June Intelligent Oven and the idea seems pretty amazing.

The oven is small enough to fit on your countertop, yet is large enough to accommodate items like pizza, meat and roasts. It is equipped with a five-inch touch screen display, Nvidia processors, a digital scale and is Wi-Fi enabled. If that’s not enough, the oven’s glass door was specifically designed so that it won’t get hot, which significantly reduces the chances of burning yourself ever again.

Where June really separates from other appliances is the software and hardware that power its food recognizing abilities. Inside the oven is a wide-angle HD camera, which when combined with the oven’s intelligence algorithms and built-in scale enables June to detect what food is currently inside and how long it needs to cook. The oven has a core temperature probe that tracks the internal temperate of what is being cooked, which is very important for temperature-dependent dishes like meats and baked goods.

Currently, the oven is able to recognize a set of common foods, such as meats, bread, salmon and cookie dough to name a few. The company announced that the system will become more accurate over time and that the database of food items will expand.

The oven also has its own app that keeps track of the progress of your dish and sends you alerts when items are close to being done or done all together. You can even use the app as a remote control to adjust the oven’s temperate or turn it off completely.


As amazing as the smart oven is, it will not come cheap. Currently, the oven costs $1,495 during a pre-order period and the company anticipates shipping to begin in the spring of 2016. After July 10, the cost will rise to $2,995. Super expensive, but can you really put a price tag on not having to eat burnt food ever again? With this purchase, the fear of having a bad meal will be eliminated and with it the fear of going to that one in-laws.

Featured Image Sources: June Smart Oven

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