Revolutionary Inkless Pen Will Never Run Dry


It’s been a long time since I’ve had a pen long enough that it’s actually run out of ink. For those of you that are more careful with your belongings, this inkless pen may be just the thing for you. The Cambiano pen, made of aluminum and wood, is made by design firm Pininfarina. This design house is most famous for it’s work in the automotive sector — have you ever heard of the Ferrari Daytona? That is clearly not all that Pininfarina is capable of though.

The Cambiano pen is inspired in part by Pininfarina’s latest automotive concept, an electric vehicle with a range of 500 miles. Unlike the car it’s based on, the Cambiano pen will never ever have to fill up. This inkless pen writes on paper by oxidizing the surface of the page with its metal alloy tip. That means that as long as you have this pen and some paper, you will be able to write for eternity, or until you are physically incapable of continuing. Beyond the pure functionality of this pen, it also is an example of beautiful, sleek and elegant modern design coming in two color ways: light colored satin and glossy dark.

(Source: WIRED, Pininfarina)

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