Protect Your Hearing With The New Aegis Pro Headphones


We’re told over and over again that listening to music too loud, particularly through headphones, can leave significant long-term damage on our hearing. Yet we still crank up the volume when we’re out walking through the city or taking the subway. Part of this is understandably to block out the sounds around you in order to actually hear your music and part of it is just so we can get in the groove. Either way, it ends up becoming dangerous over time. So what’s a music lover to do?

Audio company AEGIS is certainly trying to come up with a solution, by introducing the new Aegis Pro headphones, amazingly designed by a 16-year old named Kinglsey Cheng. Initially aimed at protecting youngster’s hearing, the new headphones will be suitable for all ages, featuring top quality audio and style.

To achieve this, Aegis utilizes jamsDefender technology, which alternately blocks out up to 95% of surrounding noise, modulates the audio so it doesn’t rise above a safe 85 decibels, while optimizing everything so the audio quality doesn’t suffer. There’s also a unique feature to monitor the amount of continuous listening time, especially handy for parents or guardians who want to check up on their kids, wherein LED indicators on the headphones flash either blue for under 2 hours, yellow for 2-8 hours, and red for over 8 hours. Otherwise, the Aegis Pro boasts typical headphone comforts like memory foam ear cushions and headbands, plus the ability to use wirelessly with a 14-hour battery life.

The Aegis Pro is not available yet, but Cheng and his father Rayman have taken to Kickstarter to make these a reality and have already reached their goal. If you’re a music lover, you may want to donate to ensure you get a pair as soon as they hit the market (January 2016 is the projected date).

You can’t beat this combination of superior audio and safe listening.

Source: Gizmag

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