Prepare For A Great Night’s Sleep With The Snooz


If you live in an urban area, getting to sleep can sometimes be difficult. The city and its sounds never really sleep themselves, so trying to drift off through them is a special kind of struggle, one that is counterintuitive to the process of trying to sleep in the first place. Sure, you can put in some ear buds, but they often feel unnatural and eventually uncomfortable, often resulting in sore ears when you wake up. So what do you do when you need to be awake and alert for that morning office job, but your surroundings are preventing you from getting that much needed rest?

Maybe it’s time to head on over to Kickstarter and check out the campaign page for the Snooz. This funky new gadget is designed to help you sleep by providing a completely new audio environment attuned to ideal slumber conditions. It’s described as “an ultra-portable sound conditioner” and consists of a fan that blocks out background noise. In it’s place, it creates a steady hum of white noise that can be easily controlled for volume and maximum peacefulness. It’s also very easy to use, responding to simple taps or touches to activate or adjust the speed of the fan.

Of course, the Snooz isn’t the first device available to help users sleep with tranquil audio. We all remember the CDs you could buy that consisted of soothing rainforest or beach soundscapes, and many apps that are readily available offer the same thing. What the Snooz boasts, however, is completely natural and unsimulated noise that never loops or gets to the end of a track and stops. It’s a real fan that produces real white noise.

The Snooz is projected to be ready for sale by March 2016 and if you donate money to the project now, you can automatically get one when they’re ready. Happy dreaming!

Source: Gizmag

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