Phone Booths Turned Into Solar-Powered Phone Charging Stations Are What Every City Needs



Photo credit – Slash Gear

Cellphones have pretty much made phone booths obsolete. Unless you’re a Time Lord or Clark Kent, chances are you have no use for a phone booth in your regular/day-to-day life, because, well, you have a portable phone that can do a whole lot more than making calls.

Forgotten, phone booths certainly aren’t gone. Though their numbers may be dwindling, phone booths still stand (no longer so) tall in many cities. In Toronto alone, around 70, 000 exist, all of which are rarely used, as you’d imagine. All that would change if Toronto and other cities worldwide took note of London, and started converting phone booths into solar-powered cellphone charging stations.

Harold Craston and Kirsty Kenny are two students from London and the genuises behind the re-purposed phone booths, the “Solarbox.” The pair wanted to reinvigorate public spaces, and took what was a forgotten feature of the world of phones and modernized it for the age of cellphones.

Each Solarbox is equipped with an 86cm solar panel on the roof and are are able to charge 100 phones a day. Advertisements playing within the booths have evened out the production and maintenance costs, making Solarbox entirely free and open to anyone in need of a quick charge during their hectic day.

Six Solarboxes have been set up around London, and with their ability to charge a phone by 20% in ten minutes, the project is incredibly convenient while being environmentally green. Rather than scrapping old phone booths, municipalities should use the Solarbox solution and help out all the people running on low battery.

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