OLED Lighting Sheets are the Energy Efficient Lights of the Future

Imagine a future where your walls are covered in OLED lighting sheets, the same technology that makes your TV and smartphone screen light up. This future is just around the corner thanks to a few pioneering companies, and the most interesting thing is that this technology uses about half the power that a traditional light bulb does.

OLED is already used in our TVs and smartphones, but the technology is just too expensive to use for regular household lighting, costing 10-100 times more than regular light bulbs. Companies are taking on the challenge of creating cheaper ways to produce OLED lights though. Konica-Minolta and OLED Works are both concentrating on this task. Konica-Minolta will produce OLED lights on flexible plastic sheets this fall at a rate of one million 15 cm-wide panels per month!

Another company, Pixelligent, is working on making OLED lights more powerful. By adding nanoparticles into OLEDs, the company has made OLED lighting 2-3 times more powerful.

OLED light sheets are still something to look forward to in the future, but that future is closer than you may think. Phillips has set a goal of making $600 OLED lights by 2017. That price might just work for the mass market.

(Source: Gizmodo, Konica-Minolta)

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