New Robot Dog Can Patrol Land and Air

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Let’s be honest: drones are a little scary. From the lack of regulations surrounding their consumer use, to the fact that some of them come with built-in guns, something to make them a little more lovable would be a welcome change.

Enter the new quadruped robo-drone from Autonomous System Lab that looks just like a little dog.

Autonomous Systems Lab’s mission statement is to create intelligent systems that can function in diverse environments, some of which can transition from land to sea to air. Their robot dog is no different.
Not only can it move autonomously, it also has a quadcopter attached to its back that can separate from the dog, take flight, and return to its spot on the dog’s back. They have an almost symbiotic relationship, like a bird hitching a ride on a hippo.
The advantages of the little robot the Autonomous Systems Lab has created are pretty cool. The quadcopter could take flight and get visuals for the robot dog so it can know if its path is still safe. It could also help the robot dog get to something that’s out of reach from the ground.
Although Autonomous Systems Lab’s robot is a little like Boston Dynamic’s BigDog, adding a drone to the back of their robot more than just fulfills a trend. It is also much more agile than BigDog, and more lightweight. Although Autonomous Lab System’s doesn’t currently have plans for their robot dog, the future looks bright for the little quadruped.
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