Microsoft In Development On Pre-Sensing Touchscreen Technology


Touchscreen technology for smartphones is great and all, but it still has its share of kinks that can be annoying. Since menu options sometimes don’t appear on your phone screen until you physically touch it, it can be easy to hit the wrong thing and then have to backtrack. First world problems, I know – but if you’ve ever fumbled around with your phone or had to frantically tap over and over until the screen recognizes your touch, then you know where I’m coming from. Although that may just be because my own phone is six years old now and refuses to receive software updates anymore…(thanks, Apple).

In any case, Microsoft is currently developing new pre-sensing touchscreen technology so that your phone could anticipate your fingers’ actions before they even make contact with the screen. Additionally, new models will be able to determine how you’re holding the phone so to adapt menus and the like to your movements even more specifically than before.

This way, you’ll be able to bring up menu options just by hovering your fingers above the screen. The phone will be able to detect movement within a certain field above the screen and also uses factors like the angle and speed of your fingers’ approach to predict your intentions. Now you can see the options and controls before physically manipulating the screen and if you don’t need to press anything, just move your fingers away and it disappears.

With the grip detection technology, the phone will be able to tell if you’re holding it with one or both hands and even what individual fingers you’re using to adapt the controls most comfortably. It’s all about adapting the smartphone to each individual’s hands.

Since Microsoft is behind these new developments, you’re going to have to get the next generation of Windows phones to experience it. But this is the kind of adaptation that we should see taking off with every phone manufacturer eventually.

Source: Gizmag

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