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Know When A Baby Stops Breathing With This New Smart Monitor

smart monitor
It’s often hard to spot movement on a fuzzy live feed from baby cameras. That’s something that matters a lot when movement is all you have to remind you that your child is still breathing. Enter First Alert’s Envirocam, a smart monitor that keeps track of a baby’s breathing.

Sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, is a growing concern for parents because there is a lot of information about the syndrome we still don’t have. Although the Envirocam smart monitor won’t prevent SIDS, the ability to know if your child stops breathing will help quell parents’ fear. A parent with an Envirocam will be able to check on their child’s breathing without having to get out of bed a bunch of times through the night.

Your average baby monitor produces low-quality footage that, even with night vision capabilities, doesn’t produce a clear enough image to see subtle movements. But the First Alert Onelink Envirocam produces hi-def images, and it automatically detects micro-movements that indicate a baby is breathing. It then tracks those movements throughout the night. What’s even better is that the Envirocam doesn’t require the baby to wear special clothing with sensors in it, or any kind of sensors at all that could fall off while they sleep.

Aside from tracking breathing, the Envirocam also has several environmental sensors. It can track room temperature, humidity, if a child is tossing and turning, and carbon monoxide levels in the room. All of the data generated by this tracking can be seen via an app that creates a thorough analysis of the baby’s bedroom and their sleeping patterns. Of course, it also sends out immediate alerts if any problems are detected. The Envirocam also has two-way audio, motion-detection and night vision capabilities.

First Alert just presented the Onelink Envirocam at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, and they haven’t yet released exactly how the monitor works, or the price for the forthcoming device. Regardless, it seems likely that most parents would fork over a good amount of cash to so thoroughly track their baby’s welfare.

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