This Innovative Portable Air Conditioner Is Multifunctional

Zero Breeze

Considering the heat wave that just (mercifully) finished last week, if you didn’t have an air conditioner or a fan, you’re probably getting one now just in case we get hit with the heat again.

But considering that temperatures are rising because of global warming, it may feel wasteful to use an air conditioner (and all that energy) for just a few days. A new start-up has you covered. Not only is their air conditioner (the Zero Breeze), portable, it also comes with other perks – it functions as a Bluetooth speaker, a night light, and a smartphone charger – so you can get the most out of the product.

The Zero Breeze uses a rotary compressor that provides a real air conditioning function unlike portable air conditioning units on the market. The Zero Breeze can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its battery pack. The battery can also last up to 5 hours, so you don’t have to worry about outlets.

There are 3 fan speeds and cool settings – cool airflow, instant breeze, and regular fan airflow. The Zero Breeze has two USB charging ports on either side of the control panel. It also has a Bluetooth speaker so that you can connect to your phone and play music. There’s also an LED light that provides the ideal amount of light on outdoor trips like camping.

The Zero Breeze currently has a Kickstarter campaign so that you can pre-order it and help support the project. It’s planned to retail at $499, but if you pledge $349 you get the Zero Breeze, a power adapter, an exhaust pipe, and a drain pipe. If you pledge $568, you get the Zero Breeze, power adapter, exhaust pipe, drain pipe, and a battery so that you can take the Zero Breeze wherever you go.

The Zero Breeze is ready for production and has working prototypes, but supporters aren’t expected to get a Zero Breeze until March 2017. As mentioned by New Atlas, there’s no guarantee that this project will go through even though the prototype is very promising. Visit the Kickstarter campaign for the Zero Breeze to learn more about the product.

Story source: New Atlas

Featured image source: Zero Breeze

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