Innovative bicycle “Denny” wins bike design competition



Meet Denny, the innovative bicycle that recently won the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition. The competition featured design firms paired with bicycle builders from five different American cities. Out of all five teams, design firm Teague and bicycle manufacturer Taylor Sizemore took home the top prize with “Denny.”

Teams were tasked with addressing 4 issues for cyclists: theft, riding in rainy conditions, navigating traffic and carrying cargo. With an array of useful technologies, Denny is able to address each one of these issues.

To combat theft, Denny has handlebars that double as a U lock. When you lock up you remove the handle bars completely and use it like a traditional U lock. Besides the convenience of being fully integrated into the bike, the missing handle bars confuse robbers who aren’t keen to steal a bike with no handlebars.

Dirty rain water is swept away by a curved rubber brush instead of the traditional fender. This design choice looks more minimal and elegant than the usual fender.

Denny also has an electric motor that automatically helps you when you need it, like when you’re pedaling up a hill. The battery for this motor is hidden in the frame, and can be recharged at your destination. Such a feature sure does make cycling easier for anyone who lives in a hilly city.

Yet another innovation is the storage rack that is placed close to the ground. This positioning gives the storage rack a low center of gravity. It is also integrated into the frame so that it doesn’t swing when you turn the front wheel of the bike. Finally, the bike’s step over height is low to accommodate ladies’ wearing skirts.

The team’s prize for winning the competition is having their project built by Fuji bikes. You will get a chance to own this bike, but be prepared for a steep price. The electric motor adds quite a bit of cost.

(Source: WIRED)

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