Humane Mousetrap Comes with Photo and Email Functions

You’ve never experienced true terror until, out of the corner of your eye, you catch the blurred form of a mouse dart at you from a dark hidden corner. But as much as I hate mice, I can never bring myself to put out snap or glue traps to deal with them; it just seems too cruel. Mice may be pests, but thanks to new technologies, getting them out of your house safely and gently is easily possible.

Inventor Alain Mauer is improving the humane mousetrap market by adding new technologies to the design. At the end of August, Alain released a new prototype for a humane mousetrap on his blog Alain’s Projects. Called the RaspiTrap, this new mousetrap comes equipped with photo and email technology, so you can get rid of those pests in a very animal-friendly way.


The name of the trap is derived from Raspberry Pi, the name of a small single board computer (about the size of a credit card), that’s used to take a photo and send it to the user via email when a mouse is caught in the trap. The body of the trap is made with PVC sheets. Inside is an infrared barrier sensor that shuts the trap door when a mouse is well inside and prompts the pi fisheye camera to take a photo of the mouse and send it to the user.

The trap also has a white LED light built-in that serves as a flashlight to aid in picture taking if your trap is set at night or, more likely, in those dark corners in your basement where mice like to live.

On his blog, Alain states that he left enough food and water in the trap to keep the mouse alive until it was released, which, if used in a home or apartment, would also act as bait to draw mice inside. For his next version, Alain is looking to add a web server with live view and a few air holes for security, even though the trap isn’t air tight.

For more information and to view videos of the RaspiTrap in action, head over to Alain’s blog here.

Featured image sources: Alain’s Projects and Salon

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