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How To Use a Telephoto Zoom Lens

telephoto zoom lensA lot of people think that photographers use a telephoto zoom lens to bring their photo’s subject closer. But that isn’t really how things work. The main purpose of a zoom lens isn’t to bring the subject closer, but to do one of two things: put the background out of focus or change the photo’s perspective.

To put a background out of focus, it’s best to choose a 200mm lens, which will give you the most dramatic effect. You should also use your largest aperture, the longest lens you have, and get really close to your subject.

If you’ve ever watched a major league baseball game on TV, you might have noticed that the shot that includes both the pitcher and the batter makes it look like they’re standing next to each other.

That’s because there is a camera in the center field wall that is at the perfect angle for capturing both players. The only problem is, the center field wall is really far from home plate. That’s where a telephoto zoom lens comes in, but it also changes the perspective of the image.

You can achieve the same effect and make something in the background appear closer to the foreground, with a similar lens. You can exaggerate a background to highlight the subject of your photo.

If you want to change the perspective of your photo with a telephoto lens, that is also a fairly easy thing to achieve. First, make sure your subject is right in front of the background, and use your longest lens to work out the composition of your photo.

Next, take some time to consider your f-stop very carefully. If you go with a large aperture, which is represented by a smaller number, it might obscure your background too much. But if you use a smaller aperture, you’ll have to also use a shutter speed that will likely mean you won’t be able to hold the camera still. To fix that, turn your ISO up, or mount your camera on a tripod.

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