Help Your Child Learn To Draw With The FollowGrams Projector

Do you have a budding artist in your family? If yes, your first instinct may be to start investing in art classes, tracing paper, and how-to-draw books so your little one can hone his or her skills. That was the old school method for kids born in the ‘90s, like me, at least. But in 2017, learning how to draw is going digital. FollowGrams is taking drawing into the future with its smart projector.

How Does It Work?

This FollowGrams projector uses smartphone and Bluetooth technology to project an image that kids can draw over. It comes with two modes – one that creates an easy-to-draw line-based image that kids can trace and one that teaches them how to draw a variety of different images.
In the first mode, kids use the iOS or Android app on a tablet or phone to select and image. By using a filter, the app creates the line-based image that’s sent to the FollowGram projector for your child to trace. Your child can really explore his or her creativity since the tracing can be done with whatever medium they choose.
The second mode provides a guide for children to learn how to draw a variety of different images. Instead of projecting a full image to trace, the second mode projects lines sequentially for your child to follow until the entire image is created.

These images come on a micro-SD card that can be inserted in the FollowGrams projector. Plus, there’s a different card for each subject – like Dinosaurs, Space Adventures, Sea Life, Things That Go, Princesses, and Jungle – and each card has 50 or more drawings. There are also cards that help teach children how to write numbers and letters.
The FollowGrams projectors has an easy-to-store design as well – it splits in two so it can be packed away when not in use. It also has silicon pads to hold the paper in place, an adjustable focus wheel, and big, child-friendly buttons.

Where To Get It

FollowGrams has a Kickstarter page to raise funding. By pledging $75 USD, you can get the FollowGrams projector and the Jungle and Words content cards. Shipping is expected to start during the summer of 2017.
Take a look at the FollowGrams Kickstarter page to learn more.
Story sources: New Atlas, Kickstarter
Featured image source: New Atlas

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