Headset Helps Blind People Navigate Cities Using Sound


Microsoft, Future Cities Catapult and the Guide Dogs charity collaborated together to create this headset  that helps blind people navigate a city through the use of sound. The creators describe the experience as having a 3D soundscape painted for you as you roam.

3D sensors are used to detect landmarks and other features of the city, and then that information is delivered to the wearer using bone conduction on the jaw bone. That means that the sound is picked up by the jaw instead of the ears so that the wearer can still listen to his/her surroundings. For example, the headset may say “there is a coffee shop on your left in 75 meters,” or it could relay relevant information like bus schedules when the user is approaching a bus stop.

The developers do not see this technology replacing things like guide dogs. They instead see it as augmenting such tools. They compare it to Google Glass with sound instead of sight. The video makes the device seem like a potentially revolutionary product for the visually impaired. Hopefully it will be developed further and will proliferate to help out as many people as possible.

Source: Dezeen

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