Freewheel Will Track Fitness Data For Wheelchair Users


The act of exercising has become a science as technology has evolved. It used to be that you just went for a run or played soccer with friends and you could feel good about the workout afterwards. But now, with the advent of apps that track every single movement you make in a day and how that can be a help or a detriment to your overall fitness, we can all know exactly how much we need to walk and run and play to be at our healthiest possible peaks.

If you’ve lost the use of your legs, however, these apps can be less useful. But take a look at Chaotic Moon, a creative tech company known for funky gadgets like a shopping cart that follows you around the store. Now, they’re in the development stages on the Freewheel, a wheelchair that carries sensors to track your day-to-day movement. It consists of a system that includes a gyroscope, a barometer, an accelerometer, Hall Effect sensors, and a Bluetooth chip which work together to measure speed, distance, and acceleration. All of these statistics are then tabulated into an app for your smartphone. It also syncs up to other devices that the user may have like heart rate monitors so you can get a clear overall fitness picture.

Another cool thing about the Freewheel is that the data from everyone using it can be combined to map out cities for other wheelchair users who are unfamiliar with the area and want to find the easiest routes to take.

Technology may be tracking us all the time but at least it can be useful while doing so.

Source: Gizmag

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