DIY Robotic Vertical Garden

If you live in a typical city setting, the likelihood of having enough room to grow tomatoes, lettuce and beans is slim. Vertical gardens seem to be a great answer to that problem, and a super smart one is now more accessible than ever.

Robotic Urban Farm System (RUFS) by Better Living Through Robotics has designed a vertical farm that uses minimal water and zero soil, and the best part is you can make it yourself using their free online instructions.

growEverything you need to build this perfect urban farm is readily available at most hardware stores, and because the water runs through a closed loop and collects in a container in the middle, it can be re-used. Instead of soil, the plastic pots are filled with hydroponic media like clay or silica flakes.


Aside from increasing your growing space by eight times, the real magic happens with the maintenance of this garden. A monitor waters the plants and tracks pH levels, and a fan and lights can be added for optimal indoor growing. All of these functions can be controlled by an app so you can care for your garden even when you’re not at home.

Put this at the top of your summer project list for next year and you might not have to buy a vegetable all season.

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