“Chinese Google” Creates “Smart” Chopsticks That Tell You What Not To Eat

baidu-chopsticks-smartWesterners aren’t the best at handling chopsticks (that’s why we have forks) but everyone on this side of the globe may want to improve their skills with the Asian utensil, because a new “smart” chopstick has just been unveiled that can tell you everything you need to know about the food you’re about to ingest.

Created by Baidu (sometimes known as the “Chinese Google”) the revolutionary piece of food technology has a few incredible features that will benefit any type of eater, no matter where they are in the world.

Able to detect cooking oil with a simple touch, Baidu’s electronic chopsticks will be able to tell you if the food you are eating was made with sanitary or unsanitary cooking oil.

In the chopsticks promo video, unveiled at Baidu’s yearly conference in Beijing, the utensils were dipped in clean olive oil, which immediately gained a “safe” reading, but when placed in dirty cooking oil, a “bad” reading was given, marking it as unsafe to eat.

Connected directly to a custom-made smartphone app, all information regarding your food product is sent directly to your phone. To initiate a test, you need to press a specific button on your smartphone, so no unnecessary or unwanted analyses will be given.

Compatible with wifi and bluetooth, Baidu’s chopsticks can also connect to your personal computer.

Not only are the chopsticks able to detect the presence of unfit to ingest cooking oils, the new food-tech can also determine the exact temperature, nutrient level, and amount of sodium of almost anything you are about to eat.

Unsanitary cooking oil is an issue in China, a major selling point for the chopsticks, but the features included in Baidu’s product definitely have international appeal, especially in North America, where unhealthy diets are the norm. Being forcefully shown just how unhealthy a food item is, with solid numbers, may be the deterrent many North Americans need to adopt healthier eating habits.

Photo Credit – The Independent

Source: www.bbc.com

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