The Blind Can Now See With This Futuristic Headset

Oh, Star Trek, you gave the world so much. Not only did Star Wars launch the careers of actors like William Shatner and Patrick Stewart, the iconic sci-fi series took us on a journey across the universe. In the comfort of our own home, we got to see the crew of the Enterprise battle all sorts of intergalactic evils and overcome the grandest of odds.

But more than just being a source of entertainment, Star Trek made you think. All of the gadgets and futuristic technology wielded by members of the starship Enterprise had to make you think “God, wouldn’t it be great if we had that today?” Personally, I always said that whenever the holo-deck was in an episode, but everyone had their personal pick.

For those with impaired vision who may have watched Star Trek, they no doubt were envious of Geordi La Forge’s VISOR headset. Even though La Forge is blind, when wearing his futuristic VISOR eyepiece, the character can see as clear as any of his other crew members.

Well, maybe not so “futuristic” anymore, because the eSight 3 basically does the same thing.

Developed by eSight Corp, the eSight 3 is the company’s latest innovation and can actually help the legally blind see. Equipped with a powerful camera, the eSight 3 uses a blend of high-quality displays and prisms to then create a visible image of a wearer’s surroundings.

This is no ordinary camera-headset, either. The headset can adjust its liquid lens faster than 1 millisecond. That’s almost as quick as the human eye. Furthermore, the eSight has a special feature that even lets wearers see from their periphery.

It’s important to note, however, that the eSight 3 isn’t for everyone who suffers from visual impairment. If a person’s retina is damaged too much, as can happen when suffering from glaucoma, the device won’t work.

But the device has more than a 50% chance of functioning with all eyesight-related condition, as CEO Dr. Brian Mech told CNET. And the technology is only going to improve, notes Mech. In Mech’s timeline, we may see a version of the eSight that looks exactly like a pair of glasses, or as small as a contact lens, in the next decade.

A far more suitable route than invasive surgery, the eSight is a God-send to those who suffer from visual impairment. Rather than just read about it, take a look at the eSight in the video below.

Featured image courtesy of: eSight Corp

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