BioMinF Is The New Toothpaste That Works Overtime On Your Teeth


It seems like no matter how thoroughly you brush your teeth, it’s just never quite good enough. Even if you brush twice a day and follow all the right directions, the dentist still manages to scrape out loads of plaque buildup at every appointment. And that’s not even going into the perils of dental decay and sensitivity that 92% of us are all going to have to deal with at some point in our lives. When none of this is even covered under OHIP, what’s one supposed to do?

Well, a new toothpaste may soon hit the market that will work overtime to protect your teeth. Now I know what you’re thinking, it seems like every week Colgate or Crest releases some new brand of extra-strength/extra-whitening/deep-cleaning toothpaste that all essentially do the same thing. But this is the real deal – it’s called BioMinF and it’s based on some heavy-duty research coming out of Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London.

The effects of normal toothpastes only last for a couple of hours, but BioMinF aims to protect your teeth for a whopping 8-12 hours after brushing. It does this by slowly releasing calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions to achieve different effects. The fluoride acts as a barrier for your teeth, able to ward off even harsh substances like soft drinks, while the calcium and phosphate work together with saliva to form an enamel strengthening and tooth rebuilding mineral. Meanwhile, the toothpaste helps with sensitivity by sealing off open nerves in your teeth. It’s like a complete overhaul of your dental hygiene.

Right now, BioMinF is only available to dental practitioners but the company behind it expects to launch it to the general public by the end of this year. Apparently, the ingredients and technology behind the toothpaste could also be used in other dental products like cleaning and polishing pastes and filling materials.

Although if everybody has BioMinF in their cabinets, trips to the dentist may become few and far between.

Story and Image Source: New Atlas

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