Audi's Vision of the Cockpit of the Future

Audi Previews What its Cockpits will be like in 2025

Audi and Volkswagen previewed what the cockpit of 2025 could be like at CeBIT. It’s called the James 2025 virtual cockpit. It is clear that over time our vehicles will include more and more technology like what we enjoy with our tablets and smartphones. This cockpit shows how some of this technology could be integrated into our vehicles.

This “virtual cockpit of the future” changes depending on driving conditions. For example, when automatic driving mode is enabled (because cars of the future will also have autopilot mode), the steering wheel, seating position and interior lighting all change. One display screen shows what the car’s upcoming driving maneuvers will be and another gives the driver access to the car’s infotainment system. As you can see in the video, screens are constantly popping out or hiding depending on exactly what you and your vehicle are doing.

Volkswagen CEO Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn said “The challenges we face here are the modernization of infrastructure, the clarification of legal aspects and the strengthening of Germany as an IT location. The automobile industry, the IT industry, business, scientists and politicians therefore need to join forces. The mobility of the future will be worthwhile for everyone concerned – especially for consumers, who will benefit from cars that are even safer, more comfortable and more intelligent.”

Winterkorn continued by saying, “Our cars are already mobile computer centers, with 1.5 kilometers of cables, more than 50 control units and the computing power of 20 highly advanced PCs. Now we face the considerable challenge of making mobility even more intelligent and more networked together with the IT industry.”

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