Apple’s New Ideas For The iPhone 8 Released

The USPTO has released the patent for the iPhone 8. If you’re dying to know what’s in store for the new model, here are some of the new ideas the device is likely to have.

The newly released patent describes a hidden TouchID sensor. This new innovation will go under the smartphone screen. According to the patent, a new technique allows sensors to be placed on any side of a device to provide more input sources. It also notes that these sensors can replace physical buttons. That means that the iPhone 8 may not have volume control or home screen buttons. As Forbes notes, it may also mean that the back of the smartphone could be used as a “touch screen”.

This idea isn’t new. In fact, it’s already cropped up in gaming with Sony’s PS Vita. The handheld console has a rear touchscreen that can be used to adjust a character’s view during gameplay. Additionally, many other smartphone manufacturers are finding new ways to use touch sensors, from fingerprint readers to pulse-reading sensors. The back of the device offers new opportunities for developers to make using a smartphone more intuitive and innovative. Since Apple is the cornerstone company of innovation, it’s expected that the iPhone 8 will showcase this new development.

There was another iPhone 8 leak in November of this year that showed Apple looking into wireless charging for the device. Forbes contributor Ewan Spence also states that the iPhone 8 will likely also have a curved screen. He speculates that while the touch panel will help Apple stand out from the crowd, it will still slowly implement this new innovation.

Release Date Information

The iPhone 8 won’t be released until 2017, so we still have to wait and see what will actually be made available on the device. However, as Cetureon notes, September 2017 marks the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary. What other new innovations could Apple come up with to celebrate this milestone? Visit to learn more about the iPhone 8’s potential features.

Story source: Forbes, Cetureon

Featured image source: The Independent

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