5 Reasons Why Digital Magazine Subscriptions Are The Way Of The Future


Old habits die hard, and for the older generation of tech junkies and geeks, that can mean that you’re still purchasing physical copies of all your favourite magazines about all things related to technology.

Heck, even us young technophiles can get ensnared by the allure of a colourful magazine cover. Magazines are simply ingrained into our reading culture, and since many tech-publications are quality sources of news, why would we ever cast them aside?

Well, you don’t have to toss out the magazines you’ve been reading for years, but getting a physical copy mailed to your door or picking up one at the grocery store is a seriously outdated method. And as a techie, the word “outdated” should never be applied to you.

Digital magazine subscriptions are the true way of the future, since they offer so much more than a standard subscription with a lot less hassle. Texture is a prime example, and we’ll use this digital magazine app to demonstrate just how innovative and convenient this service is.

Interactive Content Gives You More

Never be limited to the printed page again, because when reading digital magazines, you have so much more content at your fingertips. And no, we don’t just mean that you can Google any word you don’t know, we’re talking about the exclusive digital-version-only content featured in many tech magazines. You don’t even know what you’re missing!

Cross-Device Accessibility

A magazine would never be described as “clunky,” but having to carry it around when you’re going from home to work and back can be a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, thanks to the cross-device accessibility available to Texture users, you can start reading on your tablet, continue on your smartphone, and then finish up on your laptop later. Great reading is always at the ready.

No Paper Means A Better Environment

It’s a pretty plain fact that society is becoming increasingly paper-less, which is a great trend, since that means  less deforestation. So rather than be behind the times and read a magazine made out of paper plastered with chemical dyes, transfer to digital and help out the environment.

Back Issues At Your Fingertips

Finding old issues of even the most popular magazines can be quite the hassle, but not if you have a digital magazine subscription like Texture. Instantly access next to all of the back issues of your favourite titles in a flash.

Everything Is Completely Cash-less

Sign up for a subscription and let the good reading times roll, it’s really that easy. Never worry about if you have the cash to buy a magazine at a convenience store ever again, because a digital magazine subscription like Texture handles all the payment online.

Better yet, you can even try out Texture for free for the first month. Really, you have nothing to lose and all the tech magazines to gain!

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