Three Of The Top Drones To Up Your Photography Game This January

dronesWere you hoping to unwrap something in particular over the holidays? Or did someone gift you some money, and you’re still looking for the perfect thing to spend it on? Henry’s has a bunch of great things, but possibly the most exciting and buzzy products are drones. There’s one for every budget, all with tons of great features that you’ll love. Here are three options to gift yourself now that the holidays are over.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone

With an intuitive flight system, built-in camera, and live HD view, the Phantom 3 has everything you need to take to the skies. The powerful and responsive motors mean you’ll go exactly where you want to, and change directions with ease. This drone has curved DJI electromagnets that spin the motors and increase durability. Both its efficiency and reliability push beyond that of most drones for even longer flights. With just a press of a button, the Phantom 3 will come right back to you. The automatic flight assistant also lets you effortlessly change directions. You’ll get amazing HD images and video with the Phantom 3 that will never look shaky.

Parrot Bepob 2 Drone

This super lightweight and compact drone has a 14-megapixel fish-eye camera and full HD video capabilities. You’ll be able to fly long distances with it without losing the wireless connection. While your drone is in flight, you’ll get real-time updates, precise steering, and measurements of how far and how high the drone is from you. It’s the first leisure drone in the 500g category with a 25-minute battery life. You can fly it indoors and outdoors, and it has an automatic shutdown in case of a collision.

Vista FPV Quadcopter

This drone has a wifi-enabled digital mini camera that lets you watch your flight unfold in real time. You can even use your mobile device to snap still photos during your flight with the DroneView Mobile App. All of those photos can be stored on the micro memory card, or downloaded to your mobile device to share on social media. Your images will never look shaky, thanks to the anti-vibration camera mount. The drone’s performance can be customized, too, with four flight modes and a bunch of photo and video shooting possibilities.

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