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Three New Canon Cameras To Buy Before Your Next Vacation

canon cameras

Whether you’re going down south, on a European adventure, or skiing for the weekend, you’ll want to preserve your memories. Canon has tons of amazing digital cameras to help you do that. Get the best of the best image quality, functionality and battery life with one of these three new Canon cameras.

EOS Rebel T6i

With this Canon camera, you’ll get amazing, high-quality images that are super shareable. It also shoots high-resolution video and its sensor keeps everything looking crisp. Canon’s EOS Scene Analysis system that automatically adjusts the camera’s settings for great results no matter what you’re shooting. This camera also has built-in Wifi, a brand new feature for the EOS Rebel line. That means you’ll be able to share your movies and photos on social media quickly and easily, no matter where you are. This speedy camera that’s easy to use in a variety of environments lets you focus on producing your best photos and videos.


This is a great entry-level EOS camera. It’s lightweight and compact, with tons of versatility and great image quality. Its sensors and Image Processor come together to help you capture the most colour and detail in both photos and videos. Its automatic settings are also super easy to use, but still intuitive, so your photos will turn out exactly as you want them. The Self Portrait function helps you take your best selfies yet with settings that smooth skin and blur backgrounds. If you’re in low light, the built-in pop-up flash can help.


Not only is this camera compact, but it’s also fast and powerful. You’ll get the brilliant image quality you expect from EOS cameras but in a more portable body. The fast autofocus and processing mean you’ll never miss a shot, too. Its sensor will help you capture the sharpest images, and produce high-resolution photos even if the light isn’t good. The high-resolution viewfinder and the LCD monitor are versatile and make lining up the exact angle you want really easy. This camera is ideal for both advanced photographers and someone who is just learning the ropes.

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