The Stilla Motion Protects Your Possessions On The Go


Thievery is unfortunately far too common in modern day society. We obviously want to be able to trust everyone but if we don’t take measures to protect our possessions, we’re rolling the dice. Therefore, we splurge on home security systems and high-tech locking devices to keep prying hands away. But what about when you’re not at home and want to protect the things you take with you?

That’s where the Stilla Motion comes into play. This new personal security device takes the form of a small circular object that you can place on any object to alert you if it’s being taken away. For example, you put your bag down for a second in a public place and somebody could easily swipe it while you’re looking away. With the Stilla, you’ll be alerted if this scenario happens.

All you have to do is stick the Stilla on to whichever object you want to protect and then arm it. From here, the device can tell the difference between natural recurring movements and the type of quick, jagged motion that would normally be associated with somebody taking it. If it senses danger, it will sound two alarms: one on the actual device and one on your smartphone through the corresponding app so that you’re instantly notified.

The Stilla isn’t just handy for preventing theft, however. It’ll also ensure that you never forget your items somewhere, as it’s set to alert your smartphone if you walk away out of range. Let’s face it – we all put our stuff down and forget about it from time to time.

The Stilla Motion is still in development and is currently crowdfunding through Indiegogo. Putting forth US$29 will get you one as soon as they’re ready to go so you can be at the forefront of personalized item security.

Source: New Atlas

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