Wristwatch Clip Keeps Things On Time

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned mechanical wristwatch. I like to have the time displayed to me elegantly and digital watches are just so impersonal. Plus, they’re usually super stylish and can pair well with any wardrobe. Mechanical wristwatch wearers do run into a common issue, however. The watch sometimes gets a little out of sync. It’s easy to find them lagging behind or speeding up slightly from proper time.

Obviously, this is not ideal and kind of defeats the purpose of having a wristwatch in the first place. I guess this is why many people switched to digital initially. But hold on, you don’t need to give up on your snazzy mechanical watch just yet. Geneva-based watchmaker Frederique Constant has developed a new device to keep things in line on your wrist.

The Frederique Constant Analytics is a clip that measures the accuracy of a watch and sends the data to a corresponding app. From here, it checks the time on the watch against the official World Service time to match it up accordingly. The app does more than this, however, parlaying information about the general health of the wristwatch as well.

You see, if a watch is getting out of sync, it could likely mean that some of the mechanics are starting to wear. Micro-stretches on the watch’s spring and the degrading of lubricants can be detected through the accuracy of the time. Henceforth, the app will look at all these factors to determine if and when a watch will need to be serviced.

The Analytics Clip can measure the accuracy of a wristwatch within +/- 0.2 s/day. It creates charts and saves them in order to get a complete picture of how well the watch works.

Currently priced at US$105, the clip works with almost any mechanical watch on the market. Never be behind the times again.

Source: New Atlas

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