Make Way For TurboRoo!

Photo Source: The Toronto Star
Photo Source: The Toronto Star

If you see a small furry friend zooming through the news, it might be TurboRoo – the teacup Chihuahua with two legs and a new spiffy 3D-printed cart helping him to get around.

TurboRoo, from Speedway Indiana, received country-wide attention when one Mechanical Engineer in San Diego decided to design an amazing cart to assist the pup.  The cart was created with a 3D printer and in-line skates that helps the affectionately nicknamed “TurboRoo” to walk. TurboRoo has a genetic defect that left him without legs and he was even terrorized by his healthier siblings. Then, Ashley Looper – a technician at the clinic where TurboRoo was living at- adopted the cute little guy. Finally in a happy home, having acquired doggie celebrity status and sporting a great new contraption to help him see the world, TurboRoo is ready for action. Watch out world, here comes TurboRoo!

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