What To Know When Buying A Drone

There’s no question that drone photography is extremely popular these days. Aerial photography used to be an expensive proposition, requiring the use of a helicopter and solid rig. Now that a drone can be remote controlled from the ground, aerial photos and video are commonplace in all kinds of television broadcast and filmed entertainment.

Even the general public is getting in on the drone fever. They sure do make home movies a lot more epic. But while it’s relatively easy to go out, get a drone and start flying it around, one should bone up on their knowledge before doing so. There are a lot of options and things to know about unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs).

First of all, it helps to do a lot of research before purchasing a drone. There are plenty of different models out there and choosing something that will last is paramount. There are drones that are relatively inexpensive, but then the quality usually deteriorates. For the serious user, a larger investment from the start will usually pay off in the long run. The more money spent, the more features come with it too, such as GPS or safety sensor.

Furthermore, be aware that more spending should be required after the drone is purchased. Just like a DSLR, additional accessories will help take advantage of all a drone has to offer. It’s essential to pick up extra batteries and propellers. Even seasoned users crash. Get that drone back up in no time with expert preparation.

Before getting that drone up in the air, an important thing to be aware of is that flight times are still pretty short. Since the technology is still in its infancy, with the average time in the sky being around 20 minutes. Battery life just isn’t that strong yet. When flying faster or in strong winds, that time goes down even more. Manage your use accordingly.

Don’t let the battery time dissuade you. The tech will eventually get better and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to pilot. Pretty soon, everyone will be flying these things around.

Source: CNET

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