How to Take Summer Photos with a Canon Camera

Canon Camera Beach

Are you looking for the perfect Canon camera to take stunning summer photos? There are so many point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras on the market, so it can feel like a challenge trying to find the camera that’s right for you and your photography needs.

To make the process easy, consider buying a camera that suits the season you’d use it the most. If you want to use your camera primarily in the summer, here’s a list of features that you should look for before buying:


Summer vacations usually involve a lot of time by a body of water whether you’re at the cottage, a beach resort, or a poolside villa. Plus, there are so many water-related activities to take advantage of when the weather’s warm from swimming to fishing to sailing to water skiing. To make sure you can capture those fun summer memories, look for a camera that has a waterproof finish. If you want to expand your creativity and capabilities, consider the Canon Powershot D30 that’s waterproof and has an underwater performance of 25 metres. If the Canon camera you want isn’t waterproof, you can also get a waterproof case to protect it when you’re on vacation.

Temperature Resistance

When the weather gets hot, you want to make sure that your camera doesn’t overheat. Double check to make sure that the camera has features that protect it in hot weather and humidity.

Add a Wide Angle Lens

If you’re shooting your summer vacation photos in an idyllic location, a wide angle lens will make your shots even better. Wide-angle lenses allow you to get more scenery in each shot and also help give your photos a deeper sense of space. If you already have a Canon DSLR camera, upgrade it for your summer vacation by adding a wide-angle lens to your kit.

Use Your Flash

It may seen antithetical, but using a flash on bright summer days can make your photos look better. When you photograph someone with the sun behind them, you usually end up with just a silhouette. By using the flash, you can help light up their face. Your flash can also help neutralize the glare from a sandy beach or the water.

Use a Polarizer

Summer means that everything is in bloom and the skies are blue. You can take advantage of all the colour around you by using a polarizer. A polarizer is a filter that’s placed in front of your camera lens to reduce reflections, manage glare, and boost colour saturation.

Make the most of your summer memories this year by choosing a camera that suits your summer photography needs. Henry’s online store has a number of Canon cameras available so you can choose the one that’s right for you. They currently have over 250 Canon cameras on sale, making it the perfect time to upgrade your camera and camera kit to capture the perfect summer memories. Visit Henry’s website to learn more.

Featured image source: Awesome Ocean

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